Writer. Dreamer. Photographer. To create my own path in this wonderfully world where I can thrive at the three things that I love.

I am a former US Army EOD Tech and it influences my writings. I heard some say don’t write about what you know but I think my past and I like how it makes me think of stories.
This site was created to build my platform and connect with readers. To give readers a sense of my writings. That vary from my book to random thoughts. It’s also to push me to thinking outside the box. To stretch my imagination as far as I can push it. Some things may offended and I am sorry for that, but there are some issues that are near and dear to me and I want to express those feelings and thoughts.

About the pages:

About Me: My moments. I don’t care for resume type posts, so I’m doing this way way. Which is the propose of this blog.

Fire in the Hole: My book. It’s where you can find blurb, excerpts, bios (as I write them), and deleted chapters.

Short Stories: This are stories that I have created while working on becoming a published author.

Random Thoughts: Are subjects, thoughts, ideas that haunt me until I write them down. Some have a political bent (you are forewarned that it might piss you off) and others are just subjects.

Fun Stuff: This is where I will post videos that I like, can be quotes as I find them, blogs I like, and just scattered things that I like and want to share.

Contact: Where you ask questions. I will try my best to answer general military ones. The ones about my experiences will sometimes be limited due to the fact that is a very personal subject. Don’t worry, even my family gets the limited version at times.

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