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IMG_0345.PNGDreamer. Writer. Photographer.

Inspired to create my own road.

Former US Army EOD Tech.

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My life started out more interesting than most. I was born after 36 hours of labor (ouch mom! Hope I’ve made you proud). I was only around 5 pounds and black from head to toe. Oh, and I wasn’t breathing. Scary! (I’ll write more detail later when I can pin my mom or dad down.) 20 minutes after being born, I took my first breath. Dad and Mom were warned that I might have mental handicaps. Just to let you know, 5 minutes without air = brain damage & 6 minutes without air = brain dead. My life story is amazing when I consider those statistics.

Thankfully, my parents pushed for me to always do well and learn constantly. Which just so happened to start at 3 years old, I was sent to speech therapy and rode a bus. (Don’t remember if it’s exciting, but must have been for me to direct my days.) Might explain why I still love learning anything and everything to this day. School was fine for me. Actually, I did really well in all. Finished in the top 20, don’t remember exactly where. I was accepted to Texas A&M Galveston to study marine biology, but decided that I wanted to go another way first. a7af38eac1e7dd0a5b46715e3d8a283c

I joined the US Army in 1998 after hanging out for the summer with family and working. As you know the major school I went to was NAVSCOLEOD, Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Did well there, too. I was one of five that started classes and made it through in one pass. And one time, I got to burn shit (literal actual feces). Nice, I know. After speeding five years traveling and experiencing world, I received my honorable discharge and I was on my way. 

Unfortunately/Sadly, depends on how you look at it, I ended up getting a job at a local factory. It wasn’t bad and I paid off all my bills. So, I was able to quit and go back to school. I went to Cisco Junior College first and received an associate. (Just so everyone knows, the first two years are the same for every school you go to. I should know since I worked close to the administration.) I then went on to Tarleton State University where I received my bachelor of science with mathematics and business minors. I still don’t know why but I pushed myself and got done in 3 years exactly. I did think about medical school afterwards, that’s why the major, but again decided it wasn’t for me. For a while, I tried for jobs in forensics but didn’t pan out or I didn’t have enough passion to keep looking.


The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.  – Albert Einstein

Either way, I went back to work at same factory where I am today. In the middle of this year, I got a straight day which is easy as pie and I love for these reasons. I have time to focus on writing and it’s helped to give me drive. I know it sounds bad, but having this job makes me realize that I don’t want to work in a factory for life.

So, here we are. I’ve built my website. I’ve finished writing 1st book: FIRE IN THE HOLE. (Oh yeah, I freaked one day when I thought I lost the copy of my book. Advice, attach to hip in future.) I’ve entered writing contests. I’ve found an agent that I’m sending a query letter to in hopes of representation. And I’m finally going to reach out to a person I respect for a helping hand out. (Very hopefully on that, but not quite sure if it’ll pan out.) I have set a goal to write as much as I did with my book which is around 83,000 words. Boy, you guys are in store for some reading.

Anyways, that’s the quick, dirty version. Looking forward to hearing feedback on my writings!!!