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      • Yes, I am on Facebook. I’ve got a link at the bottom of any page.

        I love traveling. It’s a constant calling inside of me. I’m stuck at short distances right now. Once I finally finish editing-then publishing my book, I’ll pick it back up. I traveled monthly while in the service and miss it terribly.

        I’m always reading or learning something. I can’t get rid of that part either. Recently, I bought a bunch of books to get back to the basics. And once I’ve done reading and trying it on my own work, I’ll be publishing a review for other writers. Until recently, I thought I knew tons of stuff, but after reading, there’s much we forget. We’ll see how that goes. It like the first one so far.

        Thank you for the compliment. Its scary putting your work out there, but I know it’s the only way to improve and extend my thought processes.

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      • Look around yourself, you’ll be surprised with how much inspiration is just within reach. I’ve got around three story ideas from everyday things.

        Ask yourself some questions like: Will that be there in the future? What would happen if that was the only device that could save the world? What would people of the past think of this?

        I always read (think Stephen J Cannell said) inspiration will come if you’ll just put pen to paper and start writing.

        Good luck!


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